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Lollapalooza Day Three: WE FINALLY HAD PIZZA

We made it to Saturday. 

Our outfits were comfy so our outlook was positive. The heat will really kick your ass if you aren’t ready for it…so be ready for it. We kept water on us constantly and went back to the shade and AC any breaks we had.

We finally went into the Lolla shop and found a Marilyn Monroe air hole in the floor and stood over it for a solid 5 minutes. It was glorious. Icy air right up the pants will cool you down quick.

The festival has a ton of photo opportunities so definitely reserve some time to wait on those. They're super cute, but there’s a line at all of them. You'll find out the longest line is at the Lollapalooza frame with Chicago's skyline in the background. That shot will give everyone else FOMO.

Also, have your pose prepared. There’s nothing more awkward than having a stranger stare at you while you anxiously try to pick a pose because a line of sweaty people are starting to hate you for keeping them waiting.

We started our concerts off with Daya. She was a queen and Mel was hype because she sang most of the songs off her debut album Sit Still, Look Pretty.

Dua Lipa was next and then she (of course) slayed our lives. Everyone was hype during "IDGAF" and "New Rules", fans or not, sis snapped. It was amazing.

Also, her hair is perfect. It just falls back into place after shaking it around. Ugh.

Then we split up. Mel went to Blackbear (that’s posted on her blog so check it out) and I went to The Weeknd.

And girrrrl I was feeling all the vibes he was putting out. Pretty sure I had a spiritual experience during "I Feel It Coming" and "Pray for Me". His voice is sultry and way more powerful when you hear it live. 

I love a good set design and The Weeknd's are dope. The stage aesthetics are clean and minimalistic. A massive sculpture of a head and hand took up most of the stage. It looked like an underground giant heard the sweet sounds of The Weeknd and came through for the show. 

By some festival miracle, me and Mel ran into each other on street and walked back to get our stuff together. I’m still amazed by this. There was zero cell reception and I was wondering through thousands of people HOPING to find my teeny Mel.

Then, that night, it happened. We tried Chicago deep dish pizza for the first time. OH. MY. GOD. It is glorious. We went to Lou Malnati's which is the number one tourist spot, but for a good reason. We asked locals their recommendations and even they said that was the place to go. We split a small pie and I’m STILL full from it.

The concept of deep dish sounded soggy to someone who had never had it. Except it's anything but! Lou Malnati's signature buttery flaky crust holds the cheese, toppings and sauce like a champ while still staying crunchy. 

We knew the food coma was gonna hit hard so we picked up chocolate at a drug store and headed home to pass out. Gossiping in bed with Kit Kats and Raisinets was a pretty sweet end to Day Three. 

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