Do Re Mi Fa SO Much More Music. Blackbear.


Blackbear. His music is amazing. He's been around forever. He's worked with like eight billion people (Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy, Gnash, MGK, Devon Baldwin, Mod Sun, Rivers Cuomo, Gambino, Linkin Park, Pharrell). He co-wrote "Boyfriend" for Bieber. He's literally everywhere. His solo music is so damn catchy and you need to know it. You probably know "Do Re Mi" with Gucci Mane. I personally prefer the version without Gucci, but I'll take what I can get. If you're looking for more moody, badass music, he's got it. There's sad, acoustic music and he also has the perfect BDE soundtrack. If that means nothing to you, you won't like it. His music is sexy, the mans a freak and GIRL is he attractive. You know when you're putting your makeup on in the mirror and you got the big lashes on and your highlight is poppin and you FINALLY put on that lipstick you didn't think you could pull off but you totally can and you're slaying it and you're ready to ruin lives? Blackbear is the music playing in the back. He's edgy and sexy and his voice is a lil rough and he has tattoos and his music makes me feel like I'm wearing heels that make my ass look good if that even makes sense. He also apparently makes me only speak in run on sentences and I don't care because you need to know about him.

I saw him just this month at Lollapalooza and the setlist was a literal dream. He played "idwk", "dirty laundry", "chateau", "gucci linen", "idfc", "anxiety", "make daddy proud", "i miss the old u" and of course "do re mi". That's how he spells them so don't get onto me about proper titles being capitalized. I'll make this a mood board so you just scroll down to a lyric you're feelin.


T h e r e   a r e   b a d   w o r d s   i n   t h e s e   s o n g s,   k i d s

a n d   I' m   n o t   l i n k i n g   y o u   t o   c e n s o r e d   m u s i c. 

D o n' t   s a y   I   d i d n' t   w a r n   y a.


"tell me pretty lies, look me in the face, tell me that you love me, even if its fake"


"I never got a single f*ckin thank you from you, or I love you daddy, you ungrateful b*tch, the more the baddie, more the bratty"


"I think that she knows I'm out of control, with all of this money they all want somethin from me"


"I've been killin every show, got a lot of cash to throw your way"


"I don't wanna know, so why you gotta be that honest for? I ain't hold your heart no more. Why you gotta make me insecure?"

Even if you aren't feeling those lyrics, imma need you to click this. This song is straight fire. It's his latest and it's fun to dance to and it's so catchy just listen and trust me I'm a decent person.



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