Hate Crowds? Check Out Less Populated Places In Florida To See in 2022!

When people come to Florida, it's a good bet to think they are here for a vacation. Millions and millions go to Orlando for the theme parks. Millions head to Tampa for more theme parks and perhaps leave on a cruise. And down in Miami, let's face it, it's the food.

But what if you hate crowds. You've used all of the time through COVID to further deepen your stance of "Get Off My Lawn!"? If that's the case, you should still go out and explore our state! Seriously, I know we have "Florida Man", but what if you could find that wacky small one-horse town Florida Man lives in and could buy him a milkshake before he wrestles a 20-foot alligator? With some homework and a bit of luck you could find him!

But first, find these 10 places we should all check out because NO ONE IS THERE!

If I had to think of a quick list places to check out with no one there:

#1) Waldo, FL! I drove through there years ago on a trip to Savannah and I've never felt more out of place in my entire life!
#2) Winter Garden, FL: Just outside of Downtown Orlando, the last time I went it was in the summer and they had the whole quant downtown all lit up! A must-see if you've never been!
#3) Any area of the Indian River Lagoon. Brevard County, FL. This is home for me. And from kayaking or SUP'ing in the canals to see dolphins to boating down the "river" this is a MUST!
#4) St Augustine, FL. This is perfect outside of the rainy season...so wait...if you want to be there when it's empty, go during a rain storm. Everything floods in St Augustine when I've been during rain.
#5) Route 20 from Tallahassee to Panama City Beach, FL. This stretch of hurricane battered road is terrifying if people are on it. And beautiful if it's just you. The speed limit is 60 but you can go 80 if it's just you. However, the highway is 2-lanes for maybe two hours...and if you're stuck behind a semi truck...you are stuck behind a semi truck.

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