Port Canaveral Voted BEST Home Port In The U.S.!

With the country opening it's ports back up, this article is literally just one giant brag about my hometown county and the port that we have. For many years, just nestled southeast of the Kennedy Space Center is Port Canaveral. A place I love to call home!

In years past, parties have been thrown. Adventures on casino boats have been had (and gotten sick on). Even family cruises back in the 90's. All happened at Port Canaveral. But now, with the help from Port Commissioner (and good friend) Wayne Justice and the entire crew up in Port Canaveral, they were just voted, AGAIN, the countries "Best Home Port"!

Take a listen back to Summer 2019, when the Port Commissioner joined me at Pappagallo's in Satellite Beach to lay out the future of the Space Coast's Port!

And a tease of what's to come? Don't forget we're also getting an aquarium built just south of the port spearheaded by the Brevard Zoo!

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