"Dinner and Drinks": Chicken and Waffle Chicken Wings

Football is back! And after a summer full of Sunday Brunches and sleeping in now it's time for waking up early and putting on our lucky jersey's and perhaps an early morning beer???

I thought of a way to tie in brunch with football and that idea was Chicken and Waffle Chicken Wings! Plus, a quick spicy syrup glaze to dip your chicken wings with!

  • I will give you a hint or too about it though...I had to double batter the wings because the oil did kind of make the batter fall off! But after the double batter it was without a doubt the best chicken wings I've ever made!

    If you own a restaurant and want to put these on your menu I give you FULL LICENSE to put these on there, but you gotta call them "The Wingnut's", that's all I ask!

    Now, let's talk drinks...cause if it's Sunday and if it's football then we know beer is on the drink list. I've heard of Beermosa's but I've never thought to make it...until now.

    Here's the list of things you need:
  • Orange Juice
  • That's it

Easy enough right? Check out our Tik Tok video cause it's a minute long.

I think once a month I'm for sure making these for football games...and lastly, LET'S GO CHIEFS!

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