Lin-Manuel Miranda Performed A Cut Rap From "Hamilton"

Do I still watch "Hamilton" every week? Yup! Do I still watch a bunch of YouTube videos of the cast doing things? Yup! Did I find this by going down another YouTube "Rabbit Hole"? Of course.

So here's what you're about to see...the cast of "Hamilton" looks as if they are taking part in a small Question and Answer session, when this cut rap about John Adams comes up. Of course, the end line of this rap DID make it into the show (although censored for Disney+) and you'll remember it when you hear it.

And hey...there's cuss words coming up so if bad words hurt your ears...don't push play.

My favorite part of this video? Just how fast Lin-Manuel can chop it up!!! And now I'm going to watch "Hamilton" again tonight.