“Dinner and Drinks” with Bruce Nelson Jr of Brevard County Hyundai Dealers

So. Car dealerships. Many people try to avoid them because of the stigma of the sale of a car. Pushy. Aggressive. Dispassionate. So have had that experience, however there’s one person in the car industry who’s the opposite of all that! Bruce Nelson Jr, of the Brevard County Hyundai dealers has been in our community for 30 years. And over those 3 decades he’s continued on one mission of giving back to Brevard and more importantly to the children of the Space Coast.

For about 10 plus years now, I’ve gotten to know Bruce and his family more closely and I know how his passion for helping dictates his every day life. From work with the Candlelighter’s of Brevard to the Children’s Hunger Project it was an awesome experience getting to know how Bruce and his family because such staples within the community.

Join us for “Dinner and Drinks” at Village Bier Garten in Downtown Melbourne:

What a fun night filled with great food and a massive drink! Before we talk about Village Bier Garten I’d like to one last time thank Bruce for coming out to the podcast and sharing his story with me. I truly appreciate him coming and having a meal and some great stories shared!

Now, Village Bier Garten! Probably like many, I haven’t had the opportunity to go to the Cocoa Village location so when I heard that a new store was being opened in Downtown Melbourne I was stoked about authentic German cuisine coming close to me! From the massive beer that was the size of my face to the plate full of sausage Village Bier Garten is on a whole other level of food in Downtown Melbourne!

A great thanks to Troy and the staff at Village Bier Garten for being great hosts for the evening. You need to go down and see the really awesome environment they have within the hall that is basically all Troy’s restaurants in Downtown Melbourne!

And lastly, over the past 6 months Melbourne Mainstreet has been our sponsor for “Dinner and Drinks” in Downtown Melbourne. This was our final episode with Melbourne Mainstreet and I’d like to thank them one final time for helping “Dinner and Drinks” learn more about our community and having some great locations for many to experience.

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