"Dinner and Drinks" with Dr Frank Filiberto and Alexa Moia

Touchy subject here...medical marijuana. You're either on one side or you're on the other?

For or against? See a benefit or think it is an illegal drug that should be banned?

So let's break down these barriers...let's have a a dialog as to why medical marijuana ISN'T the same as smoking weed. And to do that, you gotta get an expert! Luckily, I was introduced to Dr Frank Filiberto back in early 2019! Frank, along with his daughter Alexa Moia, join me on "Dinner and Drinks" to discuss their 'Brevard County Story' and what the benefits and legal issues of medical marijuana are.

I met Frank and Alexa last year as we had the Alpizar Law firm on the podcast, Alexa is a part of that team. And Frank is also friends with John Alpizar.

So what we learned:

Medicial marijuana has an unknown potential to ease pain. Can help decrease tumors. It can help people suffering from Parkinson's disease and, of course, has never had a documented case in over 3,000 years of anyone overdosing from usage.

Where ever you fall in the marijuana debate you have to see that in medical fields this product is not only safer to use that prescription drugs it also leads to a better quality of life for the patients.

None of us ever plan on needing medicine to help us in our lives, but what I do know is this. If I need a product to help alleviate pain due to surgery or need a product that can be prescribed, I'm using medical marijuana.

What also was extremely helpful was Alexa joining in on the conversation to help with any of the legal questions I had about this subject. Because, let's face it. We think marijuana we think illegal. We think weed. We think jail. I wanted to make sure that we know, if you are prescribed medical marijuana and use it as prescribed you will not be arrested.

A big thank you to Frank and his daughter Alexa for coming out to this episode! And also Alexa's husband and newborn baby girl for being so well behaved and a lil angel while we talked about all this.

What a great conversation and now I gotta say it...WHAT GREAT FOOD!

So for years, we've known about Continental Flambe. And I'll be honest, for many years it was a place I always just walked by...because I was never in Downtown Melbourne during the day and they would be closed for the night by the time I headed Downtown. So this was my first Continental Flambe experience. IT. WAS. GREAT!

Take a look at the food! It's authentic French cuisine because the chef Hervi is French. Originally from Cannes, France (Southern France), he moved to Brevard when the owner, and son-in-law Troy, offered him the position and explained the restaurant to him. Along with manager and partner, Istvan, Continental Flambe is legit some of the best food in Downtown Melbourne hands down!

I mean, just scroll through the pictures!

There is a great take-away from this episode. That marijuana, in it's medicinal form and in it's recreational form is still a hot button issue to some. However, the stigma of marijuana is changing. My biggest concern is that hopefully within this decade the criminal aspect of marijuana as a recreational drug can be de-criminalized and people who were locked up from small amounts of marijuana can be set free. And I know it seems like I'm on a soap box here, but people have said it before and it bears repeating...if it grows from the ground it can't be all that bad right? You wouldn't hate on corn the way people hate on weed right?

Just food for thought...which maybe now I have the slight munches because I'm hungry for Continental Flambe again!

I'd like to thank obviously our guests Dr Frank Filiberto and his daughter Alexa Moia for coming out to this episode. As well, as our hosts for the evening, Continental Flambe! Finally, as always our sponsor for each episode, Melbourne Mainstreet.

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