"Dinner and Drinks" with Ken Holiday from iHeartRadio

Let me take you back, back to 2005. You may have had a Nokia phone. Dial-up Internet was still a thing. And maybe you had added a new song to your MySpace profile. For me, yeah I had all that, but also that's when I first met Ken Holiday. I had just lost my father to cancer, I was working at Pappagallo's in Satellite Beach, and had also just left working for another radio station in town. Then through a mutual friend I was told to meet with Ken Holiday at a radio station called 95-1 The Beat. So to the corner of Babcock and Hibiscus I went. In a pink Pappagallo's t-shirt, long blonde hair poking out of a beach bum Hurley hat and sat with Ken. From then on, I've been attached at the hip to Ken. He's been my boss ever since then and through it all, through family loss to personal gain. Everything I've accomplished (and I know he'll shake his head at this) I owe to Ken keeping me in check. Keeping my eye on the prize. And always letting me know what is the right and wrong thing to do. I'm very proud to brag about Ken and very gracious for him joining me on this episode.

So after all that, let's talk about Ken himself. He's a product of Brevard through and through. From growing up in Base housing in Satellite, to moving to Melbourne and graduating from Melbourne High School. Ken got his start with a station we still have here at iHeartRadio, he's now worked his way to to being the "Area Senior Vice President of Programming" which is basically him making sure all stations he oversees work, they are competitive, and everyone's work gets done.

What was also cool about this episode is that his son, Nikko also joined us. I've watched him grow up into the awesome young man that he is today and he's literally a spitting image of awesomeness that is Ken and his wife Missy. Keep up the great work in school Nikko!

This episode was recorded at literally one of my favorite places in Downtown Melbourne, The Mansion. We had an amazing dinner with bacon wrapped shrimp to start, then steak and salmon as our main course, with an amazing martini to wash it all down. Everything at the Mansion is always on point. And at the bar with there massive selection of beers on tap, to the cellar that has wine and liquor and beer and CHAMPAGNE!!! I've literally just gone there to buy something to drink and had dates on the rooftop bar while over-looking the river during a sunset. Get yourself to the Mansion soon and if I'm there, let's get a glass of champagne and some Ahi Tuna Taco's too!

One final big thanks to the Melbourne Mainstreet, the Mansion, and owner Jim Farrish for this episode! The service is always great there and our little nook we were in made this episode exactly what I knew it was going to be. Can't wait to be back and can't wait (SPOILER ALERT!) to have Jim on a future episode to learn more about the history of the Mansion, because I know there's a great story there!

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