Chairty for the Victims of the Landing Shooting

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In the week following the brutal mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing the city's community of gamers have immediately responded with ways to help those effected by the tragedy. The day after the shooting a Facebook frame was available to everyone in Duval County and the surrouding area that featured the GLHF Bar logo, in honor of the venue where the shooting took place, beside the trending #jaxstrong. Many people replaced their cover photos with pictures and illustrations of the Jacksonville downtown skiyline and Jacksonville Lanidng. This went viral with captions such as "Pray for Jax" and "Our hearts go out". 

#JAXSTRONG Charity Click Here

Within 48 hrs, the incident had gained national attention. America watched in disturbance as major news outlets such as CNN unfolded the investigation and many wondered how such an act of violence could occur at an inclusive and diverse environment such as the GLHF Bar. Information and press releases on the shooter are still being reported but while many are still searching for answers the staff and community of GLHF have begun to take action. By Monday August 27th, the day after the shooting, a GoFundMe had been established to help assist in the medical expenses of the 11 injured and the funeral expenses of the two gaming champions who were murdered. The donation goal is $250,000 and reached 10% of that goal within the first 3 days of it's launch. Along with the GoFundMe there was another tournament held at Keg and Coin which was live streamed on Twitch.

Mario Kart at PLAYLive Nation

It's certainly not too late to get involved with the community and the charity. To send a direct donation to the GoFundMe you can click the link here or you can enter the Mario Kart tournament being held at PLAYLive Nation at the Avenues Mall on Friday, August 31st. PLAYLive Nation, typically a competitor in the gaming arcade market, will be donating 100% of their proceeds from the tournamnet to the victims of the shooting so get your Nintendo gear ready and be prepared!

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