UPDATED: Mass Shooting at Jacksonville Gaming Bar

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After an exciting win for the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Atlanta Falcons Saturday evening, downtown Jacksonville was live with entertainment and celebration. And as the city rests up this afternoon many have been shocked to learn that a mass shoorting has occured around 2pm at the Jacksonville Landing. The shooting occured at Chicago Pizza which houses the city's largest gaming bar, Good Luck Have Fun. The GLHF bar regularly hosts a number of tournaments, especially the closer we get to Wasabi Con, and that's precisely what happened. A Madden tournament was going on when an eye witness said that a laser line was spotted inside the bar right before gunshots were heard and people began to scream and panic. Authorities have confirmed that the shooter killed two gamers and injusred 9 others before killing himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The police still have the Landing blocked off as the continue their investigation and are asking people to stay away from the scene. 

The shooter was identfied as David Katz, a 24-year-old from Baltimore, MD who regularly participated in Madden Tournaments. In an interview from a 2017 Buffalo Bills endorsed tournamnet he was described as being intense and not friendly. Futher interviews with victims and witnesses say that Katz had lost the weekend long Madden tournament and returned the next day with a handgun, targeting individuals. In the disturbing video below a laser line can be seen on the shirt of the young man in red only seconds before rounds are fired. 

The GLHF Bar had only been open for two year at the Jacksonville Landing but in a time where the city lacked a variety of places for youths to gather for entertainment it had been a successful and beloved venue for the community. I myself had regularly attended their college nights and Road to Wasabi  Con tournaments click here. Many people took to social media to confirm the wheraabouts of loved ones and well known gamers in the city. The two tragically lost in this incident were Eli Clayton from California and Taylor Robertson from Texas, the families of these young men remain in the hearts of city of Jacksonville. Many leaders in Jacksonville's gaming communities have spoken out to encourage the public and confirm that we will stand united through these hard times. 

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