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I am still recovering...

Last night was the very much anticipated 2018 GAAM Show and it was better than anything I could''ve expected. My squad and I Lyft to the Museum and Gardens venue fashionablly late at a quarter to 7pm only to find a line almost a block long of fellow noobs, nerds, and blerd waiting to check in. 

Over 1,200 people filled the place to max capacity with cosplay and memorabilia. By the time I arrived the kpop and hip hop dance off had already started as Day6 and GOT7 were blasting through the artist hall. Next was the live art auction that featured pieces from some of the most nostalgic games, anime, and cartoons of all time. Right outside of that space there were food trucks and a mini dance party going on. It was here where I met the love of my life, The R.I.P. Burger (Rest in Pepperonis). Fresh grilled beef burger topped with pepperonis and marinara sauce over a bed of mozzerella sticks inbetween two potato buns, it was love at frist sight, After the R.I.P. and I hooked up we headed back inside through the arcade rooms, which were filled with actual arcade units and machines, and over to the bar for a cranberry and vodka and a pineapple and rum. What a way to kick off the night!

Once full and lit, it was time to hit the dance floor. The countdown to the cosplay contest had started and the DJ was keeping the party going with old school throw backs like Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe and rave classics like Darude Sandstorm. You already know I set everything on fire when Nice For What came on.       

Live streaming was projected above the dance floor and #ilovegaam went viral all over the city. VIP had it's own assortment of treats and goodies as people mingled in a little more private atmosphere, meanwhile, a few local vendors made some major connects. But what would GAAM be without the GAMING! The game room, accompanied with its own bar, was heated with enthusiasm. Guys, I got to take a trip back to my old Sega Dreamcast days with Soul Calibur.   

Imagine playing the original NBA 2K.

As a noob, I have to admit that the older games are a lot harder to play. The radars, lock-on targets, control sensitivity, and all around machanics are less complex and efficient than they are now so in order to get a win you have to know how to adjust and have more control to less complex graphics and NPC varients. We really have it easy nowadays, 

The rest you'll just have to gather off of social media, search #ilovegaam and check out what you totally missed out on last night   

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