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#LYTourFlorida #LYTourAtlanta

Since the 2018 Billboard awards every K-Pop and BTS fan has been beyond gassed up. I must admit that I have my own Kpop favorites: Wonder Girls, SNSD, and B.o.A. Lord only knows what kind of fan girl would come out of me if BIGBANG were to have come to Florida during the 0. TO. 10 tour so I was nothing but empathetic when I received a particular email from the Southeast USA BTS Army. 

BTS has gained major esteem internationlly. TIME Magazine listed them as one of the top 25 most influential people on the internet this year and it's no surprise why. The seven member boy group worked with Desiinger (artist of the hit famous Panda) and Steve Aoki on a remix of the single "Mic Drop" which sat at 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 last year. This year the group was involved in Stevie Wonder's "Dream Still Alive" tribte to MLK. But what really put the icing on the cake was when Billboard awarded the group "Top Social Artist" at their award show back in April. Since then the group has been preparing for the 2018 Love Yourself tour which will kick off August 25th in Seoul, South Korea. 

But Wait!!

So you my be wondering, with the date so close how can they add anymore cities to the tour?   

Well only half of the tour dates and cities have been scheduled. So the BTS Army of Southeast USA has come together in an effort to get BTS to perform in either Florida or Atlanta, Georgia. The cities up for debate in Florida are either the beautiful Orlando or the heated Miami. 

If you're reading this far clearly you are just as much in love with Kpop as me, if not more   . So take to ALL of your social media platforms and keep #LYTourFlorida and #FLTourAtlanta going!

May the spirit of JYP and Rain be with us!

Let me know what's going on out there with my fellow Blerds and Noobs, email me at!


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