Overwatch Updates and New Characters

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This month players are excited to enter into the grand finale for Overwatch League and what better way to kick off the finals than with a major update and a teaser to an all new tank named Wreckingball. 

Personally, I have yet to find a tank that I feel comfortable with. D.Va is easy and basic but there isn't as much strategy to her as my mains Pharah, Bastian, and Moira. I'd prefer a shooter tank so Reinhardt, Winston and Zarya are out. Orisa is cool, but not the best when it comes to maneuvering. And the only thing better than eliminating a Mercy is taking out Roadhog, a target I'd prefer not to be. So I am simply too excited to see how this little cutie plays. 

Symmetra's Rework

My girl Symmetra just got MADE OVER! I mean, if she wasn't the underrated queen boss BooDha before (s/o to BooDha by Kamau), the 3.0 upgrade is just LETHAL! We're talking, teleporter pads anywhere and anytime, blast range increase, sentries spawns everywhere, and a new ultimate shield generator! I'm not even gonna miss the photon projector. Check out fellow blerd FTKComputer put his Symmetra main skills to work on this rework. 

Last but certainly not least...


Blizzard is doing everything in their power to fight back the toxicity. New to their arsenal are player endorsements to encourge camaraderie and group finds to help balance teams when a player is comfortable with a particular main. These features are great for when you find yourself stuck in those situations where no wants to be a healer or the one objective player is on the mic just trolling. Overwatch only rewards teamwork so trolls and toxic players can make their way back to Call of Duty, bye!


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