What is a Noob, What is a Blerd?

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Alright, It's time for ALL of y'all to come out the closet. We all nerds up in here, no matter what your fandom is. You've got the Hip Hop Heads, MechTech/Steam Punk Junkies, Space Dorks (looking at you Neil DeGrsse Tyson fans), comic book fiends and CW/Netflix fanatics, Alien theorist, Weaboos and Otakus, and, my personal favorite, the gamers. I, The Noob a,k,a Noobianqueen95, am here to bring us all together via music and popculture...you're welcome (*Sadie Saxton's voice). So let's start with who the heck I am anyway.

A 2013 Sandalwood graduate and a soon to be UWF graduate, at 23 years old I am your basic modern blerd. 

Some blerds/nerdy poc on their way to a con

For those who haven't been on social media in the past four years, a blerd is a black nerd. Some would say that's all there is to being a blerd while others would argue that being a blerd incorperates the African American experience along with the passion and lifestyle of labeled nerds. You're a human being with a brain so I'll let you decide for yourself which is truly the case. All I know for sure is that we blerds are everywhere and in every fandom from Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica to GoT and the Walking Dead. We love hip hop and r&b just as much as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, and Jacksonville is nearly over flowing with us. 

However, I'm not only a blerd, I am also a noob...and proud of it.

How did she when with 0s across the scoreboard???

You know that way freshmen were treated in highschool, that's basically the way the entire gaming community treats me and my kind. Which I'm cool with, cause everyone goes through it. Whether you're new at your job, or a hobby, or at parenting, before you can become a master you must be a noob. Congratulations, you're one of us.

With the increased popularity in superhero and sci-fi movies and TV shows, most of you are nerdy noobs too, if we're being honest.

That's enough about me.


The Noob Network

The Noob Network

What up my fellow Blerds and Noob! I'm here to represent video games, comics, manga/anime, hip hop, and all things nerdy in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area. Gamertag: noobianqueen95 Read more


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