Charlie Cox at MegaCon 2018

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The Noob Network is excited to announce that Charlie Cox is a noob!

During a Q&A at MegaCon Orlando 2018 a lot was revealed about the star of the Netflix original Daredevil, namely his newness to the world of comic book heroes, Harry Potter, and, believe it or not, Avengers. Hard at work and deep in his role as Matt Murdock, Charlie Cox was entirely pre-occupied during the past few months with filming season three of the hit show, which means at the time of MegaCon he still hadn’t seen Avengers: Infinite War. The room burst with shock, but then again at least there’s new anticipation for another season of Daredevil.

Charlie Cox Q&A at MegaCon 2018

Cox explained that when he first received the script for the role of Daredevil it was presented to him with the characters in code, only those familiar with the storyline might have known the role was the marvel hero. It was a friend of his who discovered that the script was an adaptation of the 1964 vigilante, though Cox still found it unlikely that the casting crew would have him unknowingly audition for the role of a blind man. Call it a leap of faith but his acting skills paid off and after he landed the role his desire to be successful was what drove his interest in marvel comics. By the time production began on season 2 Cox was well-versed enough to recognize the Easter eggs on the set before the producers had the chance to explain them. When asked what his favorite thing about his role as Daredevil is, Cox replied that is was the cons. Prior to the release of season 1 Cox had never even heard of a convention before but since then has gotten to connect with truly appreciative fans of the show and even engage newer fans.

Well, we welcome you Charlie Cox and all the noob fans that the Netflix original has produced. There is a new generation of fans bringing innovative and progressive energy to fandoms. These noobs help to encourage more elaborate depth to television and Hollywood adaptions such as the complicated background of Elektra or the moral conflict of Thanos. Let’s say it loud, we’re noobs and we’re proud!


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