Mike Stud the Final Tour

If you listen to me, you've heard me talk about this man; I adore him. His sound has evolved SO much over the years, and with his maturing sound, he has decided to drop the "Mike Stud" brand down to just "Mike". The openers are dope, Mike is SO good live and his new music is wiiiiiicked good. It's music that makes you feel like you're winning. If you're feelin yourself, this is the soundtrack. In fact, lemme link ya.



I also apologize in advance for the butts. Don't watch these at work.

Probably don't even listen to them at work unless you have headphones...or your boss is mad chill.

But listen because they're all really good.


First up, fun af. Honolulu. Filmed on his actual vacation with his team. That throw at the end (and it's reaction) 100% genuine.


Next up, MY GOD MY HEART. Catch me crying while he sings this one.


Another one of my favorites from the new album, it's so chill and vibey.


OOF YA'LL THIS ONE TOO. This one's new and I'm obsessed with it.


Now lemme throw it back a little...this is the party party part and don't worry, he's doing it on the farewell tour. This is my effffing song. I bump this daily.


ooh ooh this one too


Alright, if I keep going, imma link you to every song he's ever made. He's a dope dude. He'll be in Orlando February 26th and it's ONLY TWENTY BUCKS. Come on now, get these tickets. See you there, Steve. Uhyuuuuuuu ♥



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