Wesley Stromberg is Back...And YES He's Still Hot

New music with a cool back story. Possibly further back than you realize 👀 Check it out...


That voice probably sounds familiar to you. It's Wesley Stromberg! Making his solo debut and still stealing hearts. I posted a video on our Instagram story (@979KISSFM) listening to “Chloe” and asking where Emblem3 went (and if they're still cute), and a lot of you guys actually DMed that you loved them too and were wondering the same. We bonded over how much we loved them, but I thought nothing of it past that. THEN the next morning, I woke up to a DM from Wesley's manager letting me know that HE'S STILL MAKING MUSIC. Oh my heart. Let me tell you guys, he is the sweetest human and was so happy to be a part of this and the new music is SO GOOD. He was on a debut tour (don't worry, I made sure to remind him to stop by us on his next run) so we did an email interview and HERE IT IS...

Mel: You just did a debut tour. Welcome back! How did it go?

Wesley: Thank you. It’s bitter sweet coming back. It’s nice to be home but at the same time I never want tour to stop! I feel more at home on the road! IT WAS AMAZING!!! The fans really brought some incredible energy. They learned all the new songs and even the ones I haven’t released yet just by watching videos from the first show! IT WAS LIT! I could sing a few lines and they would sing the rest with or without me.

Mel: Chloe came out when I was like 16/17 and I loved it. When your manager sent the link to your new music, I was surprised at the lyrics. The songs are great (and I can't stop listening to them), but they are much more mature. Was there a shift in your fan base? Or were they like me and kind of grew up with it?

Wesley: The songs are much more mature as am I… The core fan base has grown up with me which is awesome, but I’ve also been getting a ton of new fans since dropping my solo material! I really feel connected to them and that we are in this for the long haul together. I saw a lot of familiar faces and I hope my music will keep connecting with more and more people out there!

Mel: The song "Remedy" has a deep meaning to you *description taken from his website at the bottom* and I'm sure it's had an impact on your fans as well. Being such a meaningful song, is it hard to perform? Or do you feel more connected with the audience when you're being that vulnerable?

Wesley: REMEDY is deep, but honestly everyone can relate and so far IT'S AN ABSOLUTE BANGER LIVE! The fans go crazy, and I’m so grateful!

Mel: Do you have plans for a full album and when can we expect it?

Wesley: I honestly have enough music for several albums hahaha I'm going to release a full length album in 2019.

Mel: When are you coming to Florida to see us??

Wesley: After the world tour in 2019, The Alive Tour, I plan to end it with a US leg and I’ll definitely go to Florida. I Miss FLORIDA!

Mel: You came back hella strong. Great music, a debut tour and suuuper cute merch. I'm excited to see what else you have in store!

Wesley: THANK YOU!!!! I Have Big Plans!!! Stay Tuned. I’ll definitely stop by! See you soon ;)

**Taken from Wesley's website in regards to "Remedy":

His sister recently recovered from an opiate addiction, in part thanks to her "Remedy," her family and her son. "I’ve been through so much heartache watching my sister's spirit destroyed by opiate addiction," he admits. "But we surrounded her with love as a family to help her recover. The most powerful medicine of all is love." Between his sister and his girlfriend, Wesley knows there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Channeling his experiences it into a pounding beat and uplifting message, he hopes "Remedy" inspires fans to keep their head up when their heart might be breaking. "If you’re feeling alone or feel like you’ll never find true love and happiness, I beg you to keep searching," he says. "Find that positive vice, crutch, medicine -- your remedy -- and cherish it."

Wesley's newest single "Don't Have To Say You're Sorry" follows a similar theme and is out now! Keep up with him @wesleystromberg and as always to send or request music keep up with me @stuckwithmel ♥



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