Seasons Suck. Tidal Wave Doesn't. Chandler Juliet.

If you've heard me on air lately, you'll know that the season change has been absolutely kicking my ass. When I struggle, I tend to close myself in. I lose a lot of my motivation, and my blog has been lacking. Ironically, when I get like this, the thing that helps me most is music.

The song I want to share today is one that's been making me feel human. Her voice is beautiful and this song came at the perfect time. Let me, first, introduce her.


This is Chandler Juliet.


She is absolutely lovely. Patient and kind and endlessly talented. All of her music is so great and has been keeping me company through my sh*t mood. Sometimes music is the only friend I have and her voice has been warm and friendly while I struggled. It's so calm and smooth and GOOD. I want everyone to listen to her and love her. I'm writing this post, however, about her newest single. It's called "Tidal Wave". This song isn't the typical BS everyone seems to be putting out. This song is real and relatable and it feels like she wrote it literally for me. It hits me so hard, but in an inspiring way. It isn't overwhelming, it's simple and reminds you that even when everything seems like it sucks, you're gonna be fine. Normally songs that tell you that are mad corny, but this one just makes you feel hopeful in a way that I can't condense into a sentence.

I remember when I first moved down here, I was in a really miserable state of mind. I had to move in a hurry from an awful relationship and it seemed like my life was crumbling around me- I think we've all been there. I had to essentially start over and build myself back up because at that point I had no faith or confidence in myself. I was leaving behind any friends that I had and family I had built. My drive down was 6 hours and it rained through almost the entire thing. My head immediately was like "OF COURSE IT'S RAINING" (with more words that aren't approved for this blog colorfully thrown in) and I remember it POURING and the roof of my Jeep leaking and soaking my legs. I didn't even care at that point if I made the drive down. I had no hope and had literally given up on myself. I felt so worthless and sad to the point where I couldn't even cry anymore, I was just hurt. But then the rain stopped. I had reached the end of the big ass cloud over me and I could see the sunshine. After 5 hours of driving through the rain, there was sunshine and I was heading towards it.

That's what this song feels like. If you feel stuck or sad or alone, this song helps. This song heals. This song is sunshine when your entire mind and body feels like you're drowning.


If you are struggling, please know that you aren't alone. It's perfectly okay to just curl up with music. It's okay to take time for yourself and it's okay to reach out and ask for help.

My DMs are always open (for new music or advice) and if you are in crisis and in need of immediate guidance, you can always call 1800-273-8255. I know it's the Logic song whatever but real talk, there's no shame in needing and getting help.

If you have music, or want to recommend some, feel free to slide in my DMs @stuckwithmel on Instagram. I'm like the only person that'll actually click random Soundcloud links.



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