We're All A Little Crazy. Yungblud.


I found this man because of the pictures above. My friend Tiana (who is a hella talented photographer and a goddess angel) posted them from Warped and I was like excuse me wow hello whose mans. His music is badass. This is Yungblud. He's an English alternative rock musician (so yes he has a cute accent) and literally everything he's written is catchy as hell. He even did a mash-up cover of Havana and New Rules which I like more than the originals.

I saw him in the media area at Lollapalooza and ya girl almost fainted. I messaged Tiana IMMEDIATELY and she told me to go say hi because he's v sweet and GIRL was she right. He is the most humble, friendly human being. A big part of music, for me at least, is based on the artist as a person. I don't care how good your music is if you're a shitty person. So I was hype that he is not only extremely talented (and killed his set), but he was so sweet to talk to. He played two shows at Lolla, both packed with energy. I think he literally touched every part of both stages. He climbed into the crowd, jumped, danced and was seriously the most fun act there. There's nothing better than being at a show where the artist genuinely loves what they're doing and you could tell that's Yungblud. He belonged up there and was as hype as the crowd was to be there. His latest song is called "Medication" and the video is insane. It's fun and weird and the song is great.


I HAVE to link this mashup cover because I don't even want to listen to the originals anymore. It's New Rules and Havana but badass. He gave them new life and I'm living for it.


You know those days when you're alone in your room and you just embrace the fact that you can jump around like an idiot freely because no ones watching? I've got the song for it. "I Love You, Will You Marry Me". And if he's reading this, yes.


This collab was actually in 13 Reasons Why so you might recognize it. It's slow and cute.


WE LOVE A WOKE KING. This next song is about consent and intoxication and it's important af. I love that he wasn't afraid to put out a song about something so controversial and personal.


If you're looking for a new man to stan, here he is. He's delightful.

If you have music, feel free to slide in my DMs @newmusicmel on Instagram. I'm like the only person that'll actually click random Soundcloud links.



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