OLIVIA O'BRIEN IS A QUEEN. I love this woman. She's endlessly beautiful and so so SO talented. You've heard "i hate you i love you" which SHE wrote. The version with just her is the best one and I will throw hands over that. BUT she has a ton of music and it's all raw and amazing.


Her music is so EFFING important because she's real. She has depression and she's been through heartbreak and shitty people and her songs aren't all bs happy crap. She's real about it. And it's so beautiful and relatable. She has happy music and music you can sing and yell and dance to. She has life problem music and shitty ex music and music that makes you realize that other people feel the same way as you. She's a real person. She's talked about everything and it's a huge relief to know that you aren't the only person dealing with the shit that you are. She talks about things that people are afraid to and it's so nice to hear.

I've seen her live one time at a festival. I got this one terrible picture and one 30 second video of "i hate you i love you" because I was screaming like a fool the rest of the time. She is SO great live and she's a fierce goddess. I was LIVING. I don't even know what I want to link you to first.


We'll start with a forgetting your ex song. Awkward run ins? No thanks. Tequilawine.


Trust issues. Let's be honest. We have them, so does she. Here's it brutally honest.


Back to happy, "Root Beer Float" is fun as fuuuugggg.


This was a song I didn't know I needed. I knew I felt like this, but I didn't know other people did, too. It was a feeling I thought I had to keep to myself, but I don't. You don't. We don't. We're human and we aren't alone.


Who doesn't love G-Eazy? We love a collab queen.


We're finishing with this. The version with just her. A queen. We stan.

If you have music, feel free to slide in my DMs @stuckwithmel everywhere. I'm like the only person that'll actually click random Soundcloud links.



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