#TBT : The Villian Himself. G-Eazy's Old Music.


G-Eazy is her favorite rapper. Forever. The man has an endless history of fire, and since it's #ThrowbackThursday , I''m gonna walk you guys back through it because it deserves way more recognition. I started listening to G almost 7 years ago (my hipster ass, I know) so I'm making myself your official tour guide through his classics. We got collabs, remixes, originals, everything. Find a lyric you like and click the song. Then click all of them because they're great. Mkay cool.

"I'm in love with this life there's no stoppin, no option, I'm so high I'll ask Mary Poppins what's poppin"

He raps over Mary Poppins. It's dope.


"You can hate me all you want to but my rents paid, off of writing rap songs I got my ends made"

He's rapping over Mary effing Poppins.


"I tell em what they wanna hear, they like how it sounds then I'm gone with the wind and I'm lost never found."

He sounds like a villian and embraces his lankiness.


"A household name I'm a fixture, you're spending money on these b*tches, you're a trickster"

The first song I ever heard by him and it's...just listen. It's a bop but it's really not what you're used to from him. It's been wild hearing him grow from this.


"If real life hit her, she wouldn't know what it was, she only loves sex money and drugs"

Mellow and chill and vibey af.


"Silly hoes party so much these days the Monica Lewinskys who give the" I think you can imagine the end to that sentence so I'm leaving it there but trust me it's a banger.


"Maybe in some other lifetime or somewhere down the road we might meet up at the right time."

It's slow and will hit you in the feels.


"You should be my only girl when I hit it you feel like you own the world"

Laaaaaaawd this song is sexy as hell.


"If you think you can fill these shoes, well then say so. If you think you can make these moves, well then say so. If that's what you're about now, go say it out loud."

This song is bad ass. If you got an attitude, this is the soundtrack.


Alright that was a lot and still not all of it. I could link a hundred more. In fact, if you want more recommendations, DM me. I am always down to talk about Gerald. He has so much good stuff. Just fall into a YouTube black hole and autoplay his channel. He's so dope.

If you have music, feel free to slide in my DMs @stuckwithmel everywhere. I'm like the only person that'll actually click random Soundcloud links.



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