The next Drew Barry and you want More. Bryce Vine.

Alright here comes a hipster sentence: I've been listening to Bryce Vine for like 2 years (I know I'm sooOo cool) and he's dope. We play him on the radio now which makes me feel like a proud mom. I'm SO happy that people like the song (and thankful because I begggggggged my boss and annoyed him forever about it so if you guys hated it I would've looked like an idiot). I got to debut his song "Drew Barrymore" on my show and I fangirled a little because he really deserves all of the love in the world.

Here's 2016 too blonde Mel meeting Bryce and Dave (his DJ, trumpet player and background vocals). They're both super friendly and talented human beings who are so fun live. They just killed the Late Night with Seth Meyers show and a performance for Elvis Duran (both are on our twitter @979KissFM if you wanna check em out). I discovered his music because he randomly popped up on a discover playlist and I LOVED it. The first song I heard by him was Sour Patch Kids which I definitely recommend you listen to. I'll link it. You know that feeling when you have the windows down during the summer and your hair actually blows back luxuriously instead of whipping you in the face and it's just warm enough that you feel alive but you aren't melting into a puddle and you're on the way to somewhere good and not just work? That's what his music sounds like.


That album is called Lazy Fair and he did some acoustic versions of the songs as well. They're beautiful. He's beautiful. I feel like discovering a new artist is overwhelming, so I'm gonna list some of my faves and you can start there.

Other good songs:

Guilty Pleasure

Where the Wild Things Are

Thug Song (he raps to Green Day yes pls I'm here for it)


Keep up with them: @brycevine @lvckydave

Awesome. Enjoy. Lemme know what you think. If you have music, feel free to slide in my DMs @stuckwithmel everywhere. I'm like the only person that'll actually click random Soundcloud links.



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