#TBT : Jeffree Star

Three blogs in one day, whaddup internet!

Shane Dawson recently did a super cool YouTube series with controversial legend Jeffree Star where we got to see more into his life (which is effing insane by the way if you have the time check it out). The series is a huge hit and so fun to watch because he opened up all aspects of his life. Jeffree was (and still is) an absolute icon and always had the wildest, boldest style you could imagine. He wasn't afraid to be ridiculous and say literally whatever he wanted. Most people now know him as a makeup artist/creator. They know his amazing line of cosmetics and bright, colorful, edgy looks, BUT if you were emo/scene trash like me, you'll remember Jeffree for his myspace videos and controversial music. I loved (and still love) him. The music is wild and offensive and hilarious. He has grown since then so don't come at me spewing hate. This is MAD old. So, if you haven't heard any of his music, it is my absolute pleasure to share with you, my favorite Jeffree Star song. This is Blow Me.

BEFORE YOU CLICK THIS: it is VERY vulgar and NSFW and rated R. There. I warned you. If you're a kid, don't play this for your parents and get me fired. I told you in advance.

Also also wow hi Jeffree if you're randomly reading this I'd also like to live your life for a day good god guys seriously go watch he is a QUEEN. A girl can dream.


This isn't new music but it might be new to you so it still fits my theme of new music THIS IS MY BLOG LET ME LIVE.

Actually, it's Thursday so this is your Throwback Thursday. Maybe I'll make that a thing. Okay cool have a great day and as always if you have music feel free to send me it. I'm everywhere @stuckwithmel



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