Introducing Me(L)

It took me a while to decide what kind of blog I wanted to run, but when I thought back about what really put me where I am currently, the answer was simple. Music. Duh.

I wanna introduce myself so you guys know a little more about me, but if you're not hella into reading, I'll sum it up with: I like bands you have to dig through YouTube to find and I want to share their music because they've had a big impact on my life. If you are into reading, welcome hi hello. I'm Mel.

Hoodie Allen

There's little Mel next to her favorite rapper. For those of you that don't know (yet...I will change that), that man is Hoodie Allen. This picture was taken in early 2012 at Friar's Tavern in Clemson. I know...where? Ha. He performed in a bar and they left the TVs on during his set. It was Hoodie Allen featuring Law and Order. The kid behind me showed me his music like a week before this and then Hoodie randomly came to this dumpy bar in the middle of nowhere South Carolina. It was wild. I'll link the first song that kid (his name's Chris and he's lovely) played me for sure because it's still a bop. Actually lemme do that now before I forget...


A BOP. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT? You're welcome. And if you didn't listen to it, welcome to your tape. Just kidding. But listen when you can. 

Anyway, I tweeted Hoodie that I was excited he was coming and he tweeted me back then REMEMBERED ME AT THE SHOW. This man literally said "What's up Mel!" Uh excuse me. Amazing. I met him before the show, so after, my small self decided I wanted to meet the drummer, Jimmy Kadesch (who I will absolutely talk to you more about because he's the literal most talented human alive and one of the best people in my life), so I climbed up on stage. 10/10 do NOT recommend doing this now. You will definitely get tackled and removed from the venue...but this was 2012 in a crappy bar so sorry but ya I climbed right up. I became friends with this band and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without them. I've seen Hoodie at colleges, bars, all 3 rooms at Center Stage, selling out the Tabernacle and opening for Fall Out Boy, they welcomed me at all of their shows and through them, I've met countless amazing people. College is great, whatever, but if we're being honest, believing in a band and learning all that you can through them got me so much further.

I went to college and got my AA in Communications and I worked a bunch of jobs I hated. I moved here from South Carolina (born in New Jersey though so that explains a lot if you've heard my dry, sassy, sarcastic self speak on the radio) and wanted to actually do something with my life. I was tired of being miserable at work. I saw a post that iHeartRadio Jacksonville was hiring and the literal next day, I applied. I originally got hired as promo staff. I had no experience there other than loving music so honestly if it's something you are passionate about, come apply. I did promo for a couple months and then 97.9 KISS FM had an opening for overnights and I went on the air that night. I now do the overnights, the Saturday afternoon show and I am the Jacksonville producer for the Elvis Duran Morning show and On Air with Ryan Seacrest (which is a dream come true because my lil New Jersey self listened to Elvis Duran on Z100 every morning on the way to school). SO, that's the story behind the blog. It'll be a bunch of dope bands you might not know yet, but should.

If you have music, feel free to slide in my DMs @stuckwithmel everywhere. I'm like the only person that'll actually click random Soundcloud links.



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