Hangin with Hoodie

Okay hi if you read the last blog you know why we're here. If you didn't, you suck (kidding...kinda), but I'll catch you up: Hoodie Allen is the best. He's also coming to Jack Rabbits October 5th, so clear your plans. This tour is hella special and the perfect time to become a fan if you aren't already. He's doing a "hanging with Hoodie" tour, so every ticket comes with a meet and greet. I'll link you at the end this way you have to scroll through, plus you have no excuses that you didn't know where to get a ticket. See what I did there? Got em.

Now here's where I convince you to go. His music is dope. Catchy as hell and there's honestly a vibe for everyone. I've been seeing him live for like 7 years now and I have never been to a bad show (this will be my 16th time seeing him). He's explored so many different styles and the range of music he has is insane. He's worked with people from Ed Sheeran to State Champs, so you are literally guaranteed to find something you like. His live shows are wild; bra jump ropes, cake throwing, dance contests, handing fans the mic. He, and his band are the most entertaining and talented people. Jimmy K on the drums (he's sponsored by Meinl and is an absolute badass), Nicky C on the bass (he's called "bass god" for a damn good reason), Dan on the keys (he's also done shows with the effing Village People...the mans a legend) and Alex on guitar and backup vocals (he's also toured with Sleeping With Sirens and Conditions and is just getting off Warped Tour so he adds a punk dynamic to the mix that we're all here for). It's a Friday night and a chance to discover some new music for cheap, or, finally meet that guy from YouTube you love. I pinky promise it'll be a good time, and if it isn't, you get a free meet and greet so you can just tell him you hated it. No but seriously, it's a lot of fun. Ticket prices are low, he's a nice ass dude, merch is cute and it's a pretty small show (since he's doing meet and greets) so you aren't trapped in a big ass crowd you're not familiar with. Jack Rabbits October 5th. I'll be there, so come hang. And let me know if you do! I'm going alone and need someone to dance with. I'm not even a little kidding. Slide in the DMs (@stuckwithmel).

Here, have a song. Go on, listen, it's good.


That's his most popular song and he will 100% finish the show with this so it's a good starting point. You may have already heard this, so if you have, click through the channel and learn it all.

Lemme do all the work for ya this way you have no excuses. To purchase tickets, go to:


Psh, yea, You're Welcome.


For those trying to dive in and feeling overwhelmed (he's got a lot of music), my faves arreeee:

(by album oldest to newest)

Bagels and Beats EP:

-Long Island Iced Tea

-Back to the 50's

Pep Rally:

-January Jones

-You Are Not A Robot

Tighten Up

Leap Year:

ALL OF IT this album is hella good and the first one I heard so this is really really hard BUT

-Song For An Actress

-The Chase is On


-Sticks and Stones

All American:

-No Interruption (of course)

-Lucky Man

Top of the World

Crew Cuts:


-Long Night

-Wave Goodbye

-Fame is For Assholes


-High Again

-Same as Before

People Keep Talking:

-Act My Age

-Dumb For You

-The Real Thing

Happy Camper:

-Remind Me Of

-Intro To Anixety

-Champagne and Pools

The Hype:

-All My Friends

-Something Dangerous



If you have music, feel free to slide in my DMs @stuckwithmel everywhere. I'm like the only person that'll actually click random Soundcloud links.



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