After a major disaster, one of the most loving things we can do is come together as a community and help each other.

Yesterday I got together with around 50 people to help over 30 families and houses that were recently damaged by the storm. I saw homes ruined by fallen debris and trees and cars smashed by branches. More importantly, I saw a whole lot of love from this awesome group of people who spent the day picking up those pieces. 

With rakes, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, and ready hands we started cleanups at one home and made our way down the road.  Something that touched my heart the most was the surprise reactions. Of course, some people we helped were naturally extremely thankful. But then, there were some people we helped that you could tell have not experienced love or kindness from others in a LONG time. They had that "Why are you helping US?" kind of expression on their faces.

 And all of a sudden you realize... what we were doing was about so much more than restoring homes. It's about restoring hearts and hope to the community. 

Other opportunites to help:

There is another group meeting at countryside (the other "portside" on beach Blvd) at 930am-12noon today to help do community clean up and love on people there. 

Also,  Love Your Neighbor Day on Friday Sept 15 at 9 am. Meet at Hope's Closet parking lot! 

Hope y'all can come out! Bring water,  gloves, rakes, and any tools you have. 

If you know of other volunteer opportunities around town, message me on my
fb page - Jessica Cooper On Air

A huge thank you to The Church of Eleven22 and more specifically, Ron Armstrong for organizing this recovery team.