What do you think about the idea of University Of North Florida football?

I LOVE it. Butttt, it could still be over a decade away! 

According to First Coast News, over four years ago, UNF's top leader called adding football “inevitable.” However,UNF President John Delaney is now saying it could be a decade or two away!

“I think it is going to be a while before we add football,” Delaney said admittedly. “I don’t go to a rotary club speech that I don’t get asked about football.”

From what the article says - UNF is at a crossroad. Delaney retires in a year, enrollment is stagnant, and the Southside-based public university is facing funding issues.

In other words, 

“Money, money and money!” - Delaney

So, we've got a hot minute. But it's not impossible. 

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