Adopt Gremlin: Don't Let the Name Fool You, He's Anything BUT a Troll

gremlin st. johns county pet center

Every Furball Friday I'm featuring a lovable little creature to adopt from a Jacksonville shelter! It's basically their Tinder profile. You gonna swipe right on this sweet face?

gremlin st. johns county pet center

Meet Gremlin

Breed: Dachsund mix

Age: 3 years

Gender: male

Size: small

Gremlin is a little guy who was living on the streets of St. Augustine before he was scooped up and brought to the St. Johns County Pet Center. You'd think he'd be scared of people after being a stray for so long but Gremlin looooves us! Yes, us, cause he will take belly rubs from anyone.

He has a some scarring so he might not grow hair back in those areas but if The Rock can go bald and make it look good, Gremlin can do it better.

gremlin st. johns county pet center

Ready to adopt Gremlin in time for Halloween? Stop by and see him at St. Johns County Pet Center in St. Augustine. Click here for the address and operating hours.

Special thanks to Nicole Fixel and St. Johns County Pet Center for being part of Furball Friday!

St. Johns County Pet Center

The St. Johns County Animal Control Pet Center is able to house, hold, and adopt stray and unwanted animals. We also have a Veterinarian who spays and neuters our adopted cats and dogs. We welcome the public to come and visit us. Whether you are looking for your lost family member or adding a new one, we are always delighted to have animal lovers come and visit the Pet Center!

Get information and find more pets to adopt here!

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