Adopt Russet P. Tato: A Big Ball of Love

russet p tato jax acps

Every Furball Friday I'm featuring a lovable little creature to adopt from a Jacksonville shelter! It's basically their Tinder profile. You gonna swipe right on this sweet face?

russet p tato jax acps

Meet Russet P. Tato

Breed: bulldog mix

Age: 5 years

Gender: male

Size: large

Russet P. Tato is a gentleman who deserves such a fancy name. He was found in the woods, surviving off of whatever scraps he could find. Now, he's being fostered so he can find a forever family!

Russet is the calmest gentle giant. He's great with other dogs and patient around kids. He's honestly 90 pounds of love. A life with Russet is a chill one with belly rubs and snoring. Lol, yeah he snores.

russet p tato jax acps

Ready to take Russet home? Animal Care and Protective Services will help set up a meet and greet with his foster mom. Shoot them an email at

And don't miss FREE adoptions this weekend! The shelters are out of space and need our help.

Special thanks to Daniel Clavel and the City of Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services for being part of Furball Friday!

jax acps

Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS) provides animal control to the citizens in Jacksonville by fair enforcement and community education. ACPS also enhances the quality of life in our neighborhoods by offering quality pets for adoption at a reasonable cost. ACPS is dedicated to providing a high level of service to the citizens in Jacksonville and to saving the lives of all adoptable animals in our community.

Find more pets to adopthere!

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