Adopt Junior: A Pocket-Sized, Playful Pup

junior st johns county

Every Furball Friday I'm featuring a lovable little creature to adopt from a Jacksonville shelter! It's basically their Tinder profile. You gonna swipe right on this sweet face?

junior st johns county

Meet Junior

Breed: Jack Russell/Terrier mix

Age: 5 years

Gender: male

Size: small

When you look at Junior there is NO WAY you think he's 5 years old! This little guy, first of all, is sleek and I need his beauty routine. He's also super playful and LOVES people.

Junior gets along well with other dogs and is awesome with kids. He's the perfect family pet! And just look at those big ole ears!

junior st johns county

Ready to give adopt Junior? Stop by and see him at St. Johns County Pet Center in St. Augustine. Click here for the address and operating hours.

Special thanks to Don Eason and St. Johns County Pet Center for being part of Furball Friday!

St. Johns County Pet Center

The St. Johns County Animal Control Pet Center is able to house, hold, and adopt stray and unwanted animals. We also have a Veterinarian who spays and neuters our adopted cats and dogs. We welcome the public to come and visit us. Whether you are looking for your lost family member or adding a new one, we are always delighted to have animal lovers come and visit the Pet Center!

Get information and find more pets to adopt here!

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