Adopt Leah: She's Sweet and Looks GOOD in a Jags Jersey


Every Furball Friday I'm featuring a lovable little creature to adopt from a Jacksonville shelter! It's basically their Tinder profile. You gonna swipe right on this sweet face?


Meet Leah

Breed: bull dog mix

Age: 4 years

Gender: female

Size: large

Leah is a thicc lil sweetheart who was given up by her last owner. She's housebroken and already knows basic commands! She also looooves butt scratches. You'll know when she wants one because she sticks her butt in your lap. It's weird but cute. Leah isn't a fan of small animals like cats but she's typically chill and will be the perfect apartment dog.

Since Leah is a little overweight, she needs a family who will take her on long walks to get her back in action. Her new family also needs to be a bunch of Jags fans because look at how adorable she is in a jersey!


Ready to take her home? Check out Leah's adoption page here or stop by and see her at Clay County Animal Services in Green Cove Springs!

Special thanks to Kayla Holley and Clay County Animal Services for being part of Furball Friday!

clay county animal services

Clay County's Animal Services Shelter and Adoption Center are responsible for handling public complaints regarding animal-related issues such as stray animals, bite complaints or sick and/or injured animals. Clay County Animal Services (CCAS) investigates bite reports to ensure public health and safety and encourages spaying or neutering of all pets in an effort to alleviate pet overpopulation. The department promotes adoptions from the shelter and has made huge improvements to become a leader in developing progressive programs to encourage adoptions. The Animal Services staff invites you to visit the shelter.

Animal Services' duties include but are not limited to patrolling county roadways for stray animals, receiving and responding to citizens complaints, writing citations and investigating bites and cruelty reports and the operation of the Animal Services Shelter. The department is responsible for handling public complaints regarding animals and enforces all State and County related laws regarding dogs and cats to protect the health, welfare and safety of citizens as well as animals. Animal Services provides the needed care for stray, abandoned, sick and/or injured animals. Animal bites are fully investigated to ensure public health.

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