Zendaya Listened to Beyoncé Non-Stop: ‘No One Could Talk’ to Her

Beyoncé released new music while 'Challengers' was being filmed, and Zendaya couldn't get enough.

In a joint interview, Zendaya's co-star Josh O'Connor exclaimed that it was actually challenging to talk to her... "There was a day when we were shooting, and Beyoncé’s new track was coming out – and I’m not saying that Beyoncé is like your equivalent of my ceramics, but no one could talk to Z. Like we didn’t engage that entire day; you were just listening to that song every second."

Zendaya had the best response... "You know what it was? It was our last day in Boston. And I was like, 'What are the odds?' She gave us a good song to give us our farewell."

'Challengers' hits theaters April 26, 2024 - watch the trailer below!

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