21-Foot Orca Washes Up on Florida Beach

The Headlines is 21-foot orca washes up on a Palm Coast, FL beach,

BUT...... I have MANY questions.

  1. Since when did we ever have to worry about an Orca getting Beached in Florida?, Because I legit thought they stayed in cooler temperature waters off out in the Atlantic, and in other regions of the world...
  2. What happened to this poor Orca?
  3. Will I ever get a follow up story from Sea World or anyone for that matter.

Sea World is bringing the Orca in to gain more answers but here's photos and videos of the whole thing.


Little known Wizkidd fact,.. Orcas are one of my favorite animals and I'm VERY knowledgable of them. Which is why I'm heart broken about this story.

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