(Watch) Steve Lacy KEEPS Having Hilarious Incidents at His Concerts

I was a SUPER fan of Steve Lacy's Bad Habit song.

It's a VIBE,

but during his performances it's been the COMPLETE opposite.

One incident he snapped on a fan for throwing a phone on stage.. broke the phone, then walked off stage.

worst part is, I believe the fan only wanted Steve to pick up the phone and start recording LOL... but...

it doesn't stop there LOL

this particular incident he's choking on stage smoke. and I can't stop crying laughing..

BUT,,, it doesn't stop there LOL

a Fan asked Steve to say hi to their mom... and he legit asked the FAN to be quiet... LOL

BUT... It doesn't stop there LMAO

Nobody sang the 2nd verse of his song and I'm sure he was offended as well..

Somebody PLEASSSSE teach Steve Lacy how to perform for his fans and not for himself LOL>..

The End

DJ Wizkidd

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