(904) No More: North East Florida Residents Can Choose a NEW Area Code Now

My old house numbers as a child, my very first cell phone number, my mom's old car phone, work numbers, I mean every number I've ever known in Jacksonville starts with (904)!!

My cell number is (904) and I own that area code proudly!

Apparently the population of North East Florida is growing at a rapid rate so there is now a new area code to serve ou rregion (Clay County, Jax Beach, Nassau County, and even St. Johns County).

This change was approved in May by the Florida Public Service Commission (you can read the full article from our News Partner, NEWS4JAX).

Once it goes into effect, we will not be able to dial 7 digits number anymore.

For example, 123-4567 use to work. Now we be REQUIRED to dial (904) 123-4567

Okay without any more delay, here's the new area code... (324)


Photo: Getty Images

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