(Video) The Highlights of Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin Going to Space

There's the man behind it all as well as the FOUR-Person crew who boarded this Historic ship to space.

I had A LOT of questions; How was did the ship go? How high does it take to get to space? Where did the bottom part of the ship go when it detached? (did they litter space? LOL.. sounds crazy but I had no idea) Was there footage of the cabin?

I mean I don't know anything about going into space so I had SEVERAL questions.

Fortunately this video answered all of them!

Like over 2,200 MPH... Higher than 350,000ft of altitude...etc.

THANK YOU to YouTube user Aditi Kumari for breaking down the video times so you can fast-forward to whatever part you'd like.

1:43:08 lift off

1:45:30 MECO

1:46:42 Astronauts cheering

1:48:25 Re entry

1:50:43 touchdown

1:51:29 Capsule re entry

1:51:45 Parachute deployed

1:52:52 Clear view

1:53:28 Capsule Touchdown

but i'll leave the whole video here..

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