*List* Billboard's Highest Paid Musicians of 2020 & Taylor Swift TOPS

What makes this list soo interesting is the fact that 2020 was basically canceled. There were barely and music tours, shows, etc for artist to monetize. Music did not come out as much. So this list basically says "Here's the artists that made money from streaming music the most." Apparently Taylor Swift led the way. Here's the list.

“Billboard’s” Top 10 Highest Musicians of 2020

1. Taylor Swift ($23.8 mil)

2. Post Malone ($23.2 mil)

3. Celine Dion ($17.5 mil)

4. The Eagles ($16.3 mil)

5. Billie Eilish ($14.7 mil)

6. Drake ($14.2 mil)

7. Queen ($13.2 mil)

8. The Beatles ($12.9 mil)

9. YoungBoy Never Broke Again ($11.9 mil)

10. Lil Baby ($11.7 mil) 

Full list here

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