Tony Hawk Releases Limited Edition Skateboards Painted with His Own Blood

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Photo: Getty Images

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is selling 100 skateboards painted with his own, very real blood.

The limited edition drop is a collaboration with Liquid Death Mountain Water, a canned water company. Tony gave his blood that was then sterilized before getting mixed into the red paint used for the skateboards. Um, ew.

Lil Nas X, who infamously released the Satan-themed blood Nikes, popped his head up on Twitter to make sure he was seeing things right.

It's fair for Lil Nas X to suggest everyone keep the same energy. Some replies say the shoes backlash was less about homophobia and more about the Satanic symbolism but I'm not buying it. The critics DRAGGED Nas for his bloody witchcraft cause they're embarrassed for letting their kids listen to Old Town Road so much before Nas come out as gay.

I'm not seeing much criticism for Tony's blood boards. Maybe it's because part of the profits go to building skate parks in underserved communities. Either way, can we find other publicity stunts besides using real blood?

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