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The Viral Tik Toks You Missed During Bama Rush Week


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It's the most wonderful time of the year in Tuscaloosa for girls rushing sororities at the University of Alabama.

Bama Rush took over Tik Tok last week with PNMs (potential new members, lol I learned too much this weekend) documenting the week-long process. Rush fashion not only took over everyone's For You Page, the daily OOTD videos had us picking favorites, hoping they got a bid from their top choice sorority.

Outsiders like me were especially invested in mixed queen Makayla (aka whatwouldjimmybuffetdo) who seemed like a front runner for any house she wanted. Tragically, Makayla was unceremoniously dropped by all the houses interested in her after an old video of her allegedly being drunk resurfaced. Sororities don't like attention unless you're an active member, maybe?

Just like the entertainment biz, rush week must move on and it did. The outfits and behind the scenes posts culminated with Bid Day on Sunday where girls found out which house they got into.

Bama Rush Tok wasn't just posts by PNMs. The #BamaRush hashtag shows hysterical OOTD satires, commentary, and former Greek life members offering context and history. I don't know much about sorority culture but I know a lot about living in the South. It was not the least bit surprising to find out UA's Greek life was officially desegregated in 2013.

If you couldn't get enough of Bama Rush Week, Florida State University just kicked off theirs.

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