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Hear Chadwick Boseman's Last Role as T'Challa in Marvel's 'What If...?'

Disney+ Showcase Presentation At D23 Expo Friday, August 23

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Marvel Studios is pitching a lot of crazy multiverse scenarios in the trailer for its first animated series, "What If...?".

Imagine an MCU if...

-Tony Stark wasn't captured but instead was rescued by Killmonger and never became Iron Man

-Agent Carter got the super soldier serum (maybe!) and became Captain Carter

-Thor linked up with the Guardians of the Galaxy

-T'Challa somehow started riding with the Ravagers

Most of the actors in the MCU will be reprising their roles to voice their respective characters, inlcudingMost of the actors with roles in the MCU are back to voice their respective characters, including Chadwick Boseman in his last role as T'Challa. We still don't know if Robert Downey Jr. is voicing Tony Stark. The talk is that contract disputes are holding things up.

According toVariety, Steve Rogers, The Collector, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel are in the series but will have different voices from their originators. We also see Black Widow, Gamora, the Ancient One, and Drax the Destroyer in the trailer but their voice actors aren't confirmed yet.

"What If...?" starts streaming August 11 with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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