Disney's 'Encanto' Takes Us to Colombia with Music by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Excuse me while I squeal in excited Colombiana.

Walt Disney Animation Studios released the first trailer for its newest feature film, "Encanto." The story, set in the Colombian jungle, follows the magical Madrigal family who live in the enchanted town of Encanto. The magic of the town gives every child in the family a special ability from super strength to shape shifting--well, every child except Mirabel. When she discovers that Encanto's magic might be in danger, Mirabel ,voiced by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “In the Heights” star Stephanie Beatriz, realizes her normie self might be the only one to save it.

The film features music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man who gave us "In the Heights" and "Hamilton." I might be looking forward to the soundtrack more than the story itself. Just from the trailer, you hear influences of cumbia and traditional folk music, plus, the unmistakable voice of Colombian megastar Carlos Vives.

I've been excited for the film since Disney teased its existence in 2020. My mom is from Colombia and I can't wait for her to see a piece our culture portrayed in American media that isn't the tired narcos retelling.

Catch mami and me dancing in the aisle when “Encanto” hits theaters on November 24.

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