Latina Actor Rachel Zegler is Snow White in Disney's Live-Action Remake


Photo: Getty Images

Soon-to-be breakout actress Rachel Zegler is adding "Disney princess" to her resume after she's been cast as the lead in a Snow White live-action remake.

Production is expected to start sometime in 2022.

Rachel is about to blow up. She's making her feature film debut as the star of Steven Spielberg's West Side Story set to come out later this year. She's also co-starring in the Shazam sequel. Hermanita is booked and busy!

This casting choice is another big move as Disney is diversifying iconic and traditionally Caucasian princess roles. Rachel is half Colombian (on Mami's side) making her the first Latina cast in the studio's reimaginings of princess-led stories. Black singer and actress Halle Bailey is set to play Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Although not Disney, Camila Cabello is starring in a Cinderella musical retelling that's slated to release on Amazon Prime Video this summer.

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