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Skate Journal: It's the Best Pandemic Hobby If You Can't Bake

Catalina's Skate Journal

I suck at sports, I hate working out but I needed to do SOMETHING to stay active last year during quarantine.

The first attempt to get outside was going for a jog every day. That ended pretty quick when my G cups reminded me why we don't. Then I remembered the roller blades sitting in my car, on loan from my co-worker. I hadn't skated in years so it was a wobbly start.

Fast forward to now and I'm obsessed. I've never had a true hobby but skating is so fun and a good low impact workout. I ending up buying the blades and having regular skate sessions with friends in empty parking lots or doing laps around the neighborhood.

I've worked on speed and stopping so now I'm ready to learn tricks and transitions! It's all part of my plan to learn how to dance skate.

So, welcome to my skate journal. Here's where I started last spring, Bambi legs but still vibing:

I'm ready to do more and went to a lady skate meetup at a skate park.

Plus, my friend Camila and I are strengthening our lower bodies to work up to extensions. Lawd the quads were on fire with these squats.

If you've been wanting to try skating, get on restock lists for Moxi or Impala! The demand for skates has been high with more people getting into it. I finally got my hands on a pair of Impala leopard print quad skates! I can't wait to learn more and make cute skating videos. Let's be honest. We're doing it for the content.

Follow me on IG and let me know if you skate too! @CatalinaOnAir

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