Ariana Grande is a Chic Dr. Frankenstein in New '34+35' Video

62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - GRAMMY Charities Signings Day 4

Ariana Grande's entire Positions album is the queen saying, "I'm grown." She gave us emotionally mature lyrics but also sexy math with "34+35".

The video for Ariana's math class is out and it's not at all what I think we expected. Classic, Ari. Keeping us on our toes.

She plays a 60s mod-styled scientist running numbers in the lab. It's a chic Dr. Frankenstein story because she's trying to bring another Ari creature to life that's pieced together with scrap metal. We see the experiment failing between cuts of a GORGEOUS, understated dance scene. Eventually, the creature comes to life but then it turns Ari and her team of scientists into... fembots? I have no idea what's happening but it's all so pretty.

Lab coat is crisp. Eyeliner is snatched. Ari's splits: ICONIC.

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