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You're Not Ready for How Dark Paris Hilton's Documentary Is

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a socialite, DJ, business owner and reality star with fans around the world but the real Paris is shy and she's ready to show that side.

Her new YouTube documentary This is Paris wipes away the persona we met in The Simple Life. I watched the documentary knowing we'd see a behind-the-scenes look at her life but I wasn't ready for how dark it's been.

We get to see how nonstop Paris' life is between international DJ and promotional gigs because she loves making money. Paris says in one scene, "I will not stop until I make a billion dollars." It's kind of sad to see her struggle between the drive to do more but also want to slow down and enjoy a single vacation. She also shares the childhood trauma from the infamous Provo Canyon School in Salt Lake City. That trauma left her with insomnia, nightmares and some serious trust issues.

This is Paris is currently streaming on Paris Hilton's Youtube channel. You can watch it free with ads or ad-free and an extended cut with YouTube Premium.

Here were my thoughts while watching the documentary:

Casually spilling thousands of dollars lol couldn't be me.

Paris had Heelys?! Sick.

I really want to hug her.

Rick Solamon is trash for selling that sex tape to a distributor. Something like that would be been shut down in 2020 as revenge porn. We should have been nicer to Paris and women in general back then.

WHEW CHILE THE TRUST ISSUES. Hidden cameras in your own home?!

I'd love to see her go 24 hours without social media. She's soooo stuck in it.

That Aleks Novakovic guy SUUUUCKS. What an insensitive, insecure, clout chasing baby. Even if she wasn't giving him enough attention, BRO SHE'S WORKING. You came to work with her. Figure out your relationship problems when she's not playing the biggest festival in the world.

Her old money family seems toxic. I hope they go to family therapy cause LAWD there are some deep, deep wounds.

David LaChapelle really is iconic.

The Provo Canyon stories are awful. It's amazing to see her and the other women relive this trauma to help each other and more survivors. That's some real self-sacrifice.

Five abusive boyfriends?! SOMEONE GIVE THIS WOMAN A HUG.

I respect this new, REAL Paris Hilton.

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