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I Tried the Bleach Tie Dye Trend and It Didn't Suck

Bleach Tie Dye

The word of the year should be tie dye because it's EVERYWHERE. Quarantine gave us a ton of free time and the need for a creative outlet to keep ourselves busy. But also, cute loungewear for sitting on the couch for hours.

Traditional tie dye is cute but that's too advanced for non-crafty people like me so I tried bleach tie dying. It was also easy enough to do with my niece and nephews in the backyard.

Bleach or reverse tie dying requires two ingredients and it's hard to mess up. Like Bob Ross said:

This craft is cheap, too. You'll need:

  • rubber bands
  • squeeze bottle
  • bleach
  • rubber/latex gloves
  • dark clothes you want to dye

I bought everything at Walmart. It was a little hard finding the squeeze bottle since everyone is trying this damn trend. Look in the outdoor/barbecue or cake decorating sections. I chose to dye my black Rolling Stones merch tee from their tour stop in Jacksonville since it was pretty basic.

There are tons of DIY YouTube tutorials but I followed the one below by Jaclyn Forbes. Her friend Maggie did the scrunch method for a more random pattern. I used that to bleach my shirt and it looks sooooo cute!

Try it out and tag me -- @CatalinaOnAir!

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