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Thirsty? Here's the Most Popular Cocktail in Every State Right Now


Americans have obviously been drinking more the last two months and we're so bored we're looking for new things to drink.

A new study looked at Google trends over the past 30 days to figure out what cocktail people in each state have been disproportionately searching for. Classics like the Old Fashioned and Boulevardier are pretty popular. But, uh, Missouri? Why are you searching how to make a gin and tonic? It's literally in the name.

Anyway, here's how to make a few of those cocktails:

Florida: Cuba Libre

It's a freakin rum and coke with lime juice? Why did I think it was more complicated? I'm also triggered by this bartender saying Cuba LIBRA. Give me your beverage napkins and go home, sir.

South Carolina: Tequila Sunrise

This was my favorite drink when I was 21. God I drank SO much sugar. How did I survive.

Ohio: Boulevardier

My husband has been a bartender for years and this is his favorite classic cocktail.

Texas: La Paloma

OMG. This is all I want to drink in the summer.

Oregon: Old Fashioned

Forget the drink. Just give me the luxardo cherries. Mmmmm.

(Here's a map with every state's top drink.)

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