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My 5 Favorite YouTubers to Watch in Quarantine

YouTube Faves

A girl can only watch so much Netflix in quar. When I need to switch up my entertainment but still keep my butt on the couch, I turn to my favorite YouTubers or YouTube series.

1. Iconic Eats from Delish

Tess Koman from Delish is living my dream. She eats and drinks her way through theme parks in the "Iconic Eats" series. It's a fun exhibition of crazy theme park food guided by Tess' quippy personality then eventually grumpy demeanor as she succumbs to the food fatigue and hot weather. There are two glorious seasons for you to watch in quar. Start with season one here and see her hit my FAVE Disney World park, Hollywood Studios in season two here.

2. Jackie Aina

Auntie Jackie is more than a beauty guru. She reps for the more melanin blessed with HONEST AF reviews, critiques and deserved shade. I learned how to better shop for my skin tone because of Jackie. For years, I was watching and copying white gurus then wondering why my payoff was weak. Jackie's humor grabs you, her credibility keeps you there.

3. Binging With Babish

I smashed that subscribe button for Binging with Babish years ago. Cooking and pop culture fans will feel so much satisfaction from watching him recreate dishes from popular movies and TV shows. He'll start by making a dish the way it's described on screen, then (if you're milk steak from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) gives it a more edible/creative spin. The Avengers ice cream episode is an easier recipe you can try at home.

4. The Golden Rx

Now that I'm in my 30s, I'm making up for lost hours of not wearing more sunscreen in my 20s. I'm super wary of taking skincare advice I see online but The Golden Rx serves up solid tips. Nayamka is a New York and California State licensed esthetician who focuses on health and nutrition based skincare. She breaks down which viral trends are garbage and teaches you the science behind what really works. Her video on oil cleansing is INSANE and so educational.

5. Internet Analysis

No one else BUT Tiffany Ferg is gonna deliver on questions like "Is family vlogging responsible?" and "Are influencer charities legit?". Her Internet Analysis series is a deeper look at internet trends and behavior. I'm obsessed. It's also really helpful when you don't have the time to figure who or what for the sake of my sanity is the Hype House.

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