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4 Easy Things You Can Do to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Living room

Living that one-bedroom apartment life doesn't have to feel cramped. Here are some hacks to make your space feel bigger:

1. Lighting is key

Follow the rule of three. Use three different light sources to get rid of shadows and brighten up dark corners. We do this in our living room for a dark corner the kitchen lights don't reach.

2. Don't overdo it with wall art

Smaller spaces can look bigger if you leave one or two walls completely bare.

3. Rethink rug size

You'd think a small rug will make your floors look bigger but that's not the case. Typically, there should be about two feet of space between the edge of a rug and the wall.

4. Fake taller ceilings

Make short ceilings look taller by getting extra-long curtains that hang from up ABOVE your windows.

Photo: Getty Images

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